Working with Tasks

22 days ago

Working with Tasks means understanding how to send and receive messages in Elixir. To familiarise myself with this concept, I create a simple (naive) Job module.

Understanding concurrency in Elixir

14 Jul 18

Concurrency is one of the major drawcards for pulling people to the Elixir language. In this article I explain how to use concurrency at it's lowest level - with Processes.

Composing Ecto Queries

6 Jul 18

Ecto makes composing queries possible through query bindings. Let's take a look at how to compose queries through functions.

Streaming large datasets in Elixir

27 Jun 18

Streams are a great way to lazily evaluate transformations on collections. Find out how and why you would use a Stream.

Yet another website rebuild

25 Jun 18

Once again, I decided to rebuild my own website. This time, I decided to write about why.

A Queue is just a Q with 4 silent letters

9 Jun 18

How to implement a Queue in Elixir

Composing Elixir Plugs in a Phoenix application

23 Mar 18

A practical example demonstrating how to use Plugs in Elixir.

Surviving technical debt in the real world

21 Dec 17

I describe my experiences with technical debt, and why it may not always be a good idea to "move quickly".

Elixir Pattern Matching in a nutshell

15 Aug 17

I describe how to use pattern matching in Elixir, and how it might make you think differently.

First Impressions of Elixir

6 Jan 17

I share my thoughts and initial experiences with Elixir, a functional programming language.

No excuses, write unit tests

29 Nov 16

Unit testing can sometimes be a tricky subject no matter what language you’re writing in. In this article, I explain how to get started with testing and stop making excuses for your team.

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